How To Rent A Property When An Owner Is Out Of India

Over the last few decades, India has become a preferred destination to invest in property. A lot of Non-resident Indians too prefer to invest in their homeland for when they come back. While some are away for temporary or short term work.

In such cases, it becomes hard to keep a track of the property and you also pay rent where ever you are located while your own property doesn’t generate any active Income. In that case renting the property in India becomes a very obvious choice. However the traditional process of renting the property was very complicated and mostly discouraged people from renting their properties

However We through its innovation and technology has managed to make this tedious process very simple. We’ve had over 300 such registrations and the feedback so far has been amazing. Here’s the process to complete the registration with We. With Our service you are able to ensure legal rights and enforce the terms of your agreement in case of dispute!

To register this agreement you don’t have to travel to India! Yes, you can do it from where ever in the world you are.

Here’s The Simple Process Of Renting Property In India While You Are Out Of India-

1)  Call us or Email us with your complete contact details (in case the time zones don’t match. You can do it here ->

2)  We will contact you, and take all the details of the agreement. We will prepare the agreement and mail it to you for approval.

3)  Once approved, we will mail a biometric device which you can use to register the agreement. Simultaneously we will get the formalities done for the Tenant.

4)  Once the agreement is registered, we will send you a soft copy immediately and a hard copy via courier.

5)  When the agreement is about to expire, you can give us a call few weeks in advance and we will renew it quickly!

This Is The Complete Process. Its Ridiculously Simple Compared To The Traditional System That Involved Either The Owner Or His Representative To Come To India Or Give Power Of Attorney (A Risky Proposition) To An Indian Representative Or Just Rent It Hoping For The Best.

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